Aqua Balance

Eye See Aqua Balance
All in One solution with Hyaluronate and Allantoin

  • Suitable for all soft contact lenses, especially silicon hydrogel lenses
  • Contains the natural, biological, lubricating, moisturizing and comfort enhancing Hyaluronate which is already naturally present in the human body
  • Contains the natural Allantoin which is well-known for its cell protecting and anti-irritating properties
  • Long-lasting relief and comfort
  • pH value similar to that of natural tear film
  • Available in 60 ml, 100 ml, 360 ml and 3 x 360 ml

A unique contact lens solution for the care of (sensitive )eyes and all soft contact lenses including silicon hydrogel lenses.

Eye See Aqua Balance® is a contact lens solution with comforting, protecting and lubricating properties of the natural visco-elastic tear component hyaluronate. It also contains the cell protecting biological substance allantoin (patented).

Eye See Aqua Balance® has been developed to take care of your lenses as well as your eyes.