All in One Hyaluronate

Eye See All in One solution with Hyaluronate

  • Suitable for all soft contact lenses, especially silicon hydrogel lenses
  • Contains the natural, biological, lubricating, moisturizing and comfort enhancing Hyaluronate which is already naturally present in the human body
  • Long-lasting relief and comfort
  • pH value similar to that of natural tear film
  • Available in 100 ml and 360 ml

Eye See All in One with Hyaluronate contains the natural ingredient Hyaluronate and protects and moisturizes contact lenses and eyes. These natural substances contribute to the refreshing comfortable wear of contact lenses.

Eye See All in One with Hyaluronate is a disinfecting, cleaning, moisturizing, rinsing, and storage solution that removes protein deposits and is used for daily maintenance and care of all types of soft contact lenses, including silicon hydrogels.